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The Sex Toy Store 2  by  R Harding

The Sex Toy Store 2 by R Harding
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Life isn’t exactly a bed of roses working is an adult sex toy store, as book one demonstrated. In this book, Johnny’s friend Mark gets to find out what it’s like to have his sex orientation changed for him. Being a normal, healthy, sex driven, straight guy he soon found himself challenging how straight he really was.

That was triggered with the help of Blake who was more than willing to make that happen. Blake had watched him going into the adult book store and as soon as he laid eyes on Mark’s sexy body he knew he had to have him. He wasn’t taking no for an answer. He didn’t care if Mark preferred females for his sexual entertainment.

That was going to change.After a tough battle with Mark he finally succeeded. He soon found Johnny quite appealing and decided he should join in also. He was very uncooperative but Blake was much more persuasive at getting what he wanted. That was for him to surrender his will to what he wanted from him. Their desire for women would be a thing of the past. They would crave their sex from males and particularly, him.With a lot of adult gay sex acts, adult language and some good bondage they soon caved in and surrendered themselves to him. They were now going to help him further to find other unsuspecting straight guys to corrupt.This is a gay themed story.

It contains a good amount of graphic gay sex with bondage scenes and adult language.

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