Out Of Control The New Biology Of Machines Kevin Kelly

ISBN: 9781857020199

Published: August 15th 1994


528 pages


Out Of Control The New Biology Of Machines  by  Kevin Kelly

Out Of Control The New Biology Of Machines by Kevin Kelly
August 15th 1994 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 528 pages | ISBN: 9781857020199 | 8.74 Mb

Dont let the fact that it took me 10 months to finish this book impact your decision to read it- Out of Control was a well-worthy, remarkable effort, which should be given a careful and thorough read.So, why 10 months? Kevin Kelly is very wordy. Yes, Kelly provides fascinating insights and revelations about machine biology, hive mind theory, co-evolution, the evolution of computers, and the future of planet Earth.

But he does all of this with about 200 pages more than are actually necessary to make his point. Kelly is a great writer, no doubt, but he tends to wander aimlessly, which makes these difficult topics challenging to understand. A good editor would have helped immensely.Out of control also suffers from a lack of cohesion, and would be better served as a collection of separate essays about each topic, rather than a book that strives to espouse one overarching theme.

As I was reading, I kept wondering where Kelly was going with all of his ideas, as a lack of drive seemed evident.Lest you think I have nothing but ill contempt for this book, there is a payoff: Kelly is a brilliant soothsayer, of sorts. This book was written 16 years ago, so hindsight can readily be applied, and Kellys predictions about where science would be with relation to computers, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, this crazy thing called the Internet he kept mentioning, have nearly all come to fruition.

Does this mean machines and computers develop their own biology, and begin truly thinking for themselves, as Kelly suggests? Time will only tell.

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